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Members' Schedule 2014


New Directions in 2014!

The Witness is now entering its 34th season as Arkansas' Musical Passion Play! This will be an exciting year as we have found completely new direction for the production this year. We will be appearing in a number of different indoor locations this season. There will be no outdoor performances in The Witness Amphitheater for 2014. Witness Members - - Please prayerfully remember our needs for personnel for the coming season. Please keep The Witness in mind when talking to friends who might like to be a part in The Witness.

As a result of new directions and the need to quickly solidify our schedule there will not be an extensive practice schedule this year. Instead we will be practicing immediately before each performance venue with walk-thrus and staging for new cast and crew members. There will be no training of new chorus singers this year. We will have needs for new cast members in non-singing roles.

These volunteer positions are a wonderful opportunity to share your Christian faith! Your participation in our performances will allow you to be a part of this inspirational production that ministers to Arkansas and surrounding states in a variety of locations across the state!

Come, join the cast and crew of The Witness. God will use you, and YOUR life will be changed!

Contact 501-623-9781 for more information.

Members' Applications

Please submit your application for the 2014 year as soon as possible. Remember, you have to renew your application each year. If you do not have one, or lost yours, please contact the office for a copy. If you do not know what dates you will be available, just turn it in anyway and you can send us notification of the dates as you know them.

Please prayerfully remember our needs for personnel for the coming season. Keep The Witness in mind when talking to friends who might like to be a part in The Witness. Be sure to let them know that they do not have to be there every night. Even one night a month is a great help.

Prison Trip 2014?
Prison Trips
We are looking at the possibility of a prison trip or two. Check back as details become available.

Winter Spring - 2014
Feb 1st (Sat)- Pot Bless

Witness Mexican Pot-bless (not luck), games and worship, Oaklawn UMC 5:30 ...RSVP if possible, but come if you can even at last min!!! 

Mar 8th (Sat)- "Roast" Witness “Roast”, barbeque, business mtg and worship HS Baptist 5:30 ...RSVP if possible, but come if you can even at last min!!! 

Sat, April 19 Witness at W Memphis; afternoon and evening productions
Prison Dates etc: We're trying to get a prison date (or two) solidified! We've been corresponding with Leslie for rescheduling! (Mayor's been ill…pls pray) Rehearsal dates are being slotted! Info will come to you as quickly as we have these other dates!!! RECRUIT NOW!!  Bring new folks to W Mex Night and Roast!!  Looking forward to hugs, holy kisses, WINNING at games and cheese dip on my face on Feb 1!!
New Singers Vocal Placement
New singers must schedule a vocal placement.  Please call the Witness Office, (501)623-9781 early this month to schedule with Judy.  Placements will take about 30 minutes.

Background Music for Practice
#1 The Witness "The Witness" Background
#11 Life Giver "Life Giver" Background
#14 Shout from the Mountain"Shout From the Mountain" Background
#20 The Victor "The Victor" Background
#23 Reprise "Reprise" Background

May Rehearsals 2014Amphitheater in May
Babysitting Babysitting services are available this month for amphitheater rehersals only if you call Tanni Braughton 624-7557 with at least 24 hours notice. If you need to bring your children at the last minute, you will need to watch the rehearsal and SIT WITH YOUR CHILDREN!
2014 Season - - Beginning in June

All Performances in the Amphitheater for this season are cancelled. The 2014 season will consist of a number of performance venues in convention centers, community halls, and prisons across the state of Arkansas with a couple possibilities in adjacent states. Scheduled dates are expected to be on Saturdays with current anticipation of four to six weeks between performances.

After much prayer and soul searching and not a small amount of crying we have concluded that it would be unwise to attempt to perform in the Amphitheater this 2014 season. At the same time that we are seeing that door close, at least for now, we are seeing exciting new opportunities to perform and minister that has never been available before. We are excited about new directions God is showing us with updates and changes appearing daily. Currently there is a possible schedule of a performance on the third weekend in June which will begin the 2014 season the same time as previously, but in an indoor location. There is a possibility of performing not only The Witness, but also a couple of other uplifting shows that we have done in the last couple of years as well. The Homeland, and a Christmas performance are also considered.

Check regularly to know what performances schedules are and arrange your personal schedule to participate as you find it possible. Please be sure that your department head (Judy for singers - Tanni for actors - Caleb for Tech Crew) knows which performances you will be there to support. Always give that information to them in writing! It is really hard to remember that kind of details when a number of people tell you verbally on the same evening.



  The Witness cookbooks are available for $10 each. Contact the office to get your copy(s).    

Check this page for updates as to the schedule changes.

If you have questions, contact the Witness office (501)623-9781 for
additional information. They will have the latest schedule changes.

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