Ministry of The Witness

"The Witness" is produced by Witness Productions Inc., a nonprofit Christian ministry following the Biblical instruction to be "Fishers of Men".

Witness Productions began in 1981 as a small ministry presenting "The Witness" on an infrequent schedule to churches, colleges, and prisons in the Hot Springs, and central Arkansas area. Over the years the cast and the vision of the ministry grew steadily. It started with a cast and crew of only 24 persons and an infrequent schedule. Witness Productions has grown so that it now encompasses a cast and crew of over 200 persons representing more than 40 central Arkansas churches. In 1985 The Witness moved to a community outdoor theater in Hot Springs where it performed for 14 years. Then in 1999 Witness Productions Inc. built it's own amphitheater at Panther Valley Ranch in Hot Springs. During the first year at this location (1999) Witness Productions produced more than 50 musical dramatic performances of "The Witness" and other inspirational presentations. In some 29 years of outdoor performances Witness Productions presented the message of Jesus Christ in drama and music in over 1000 performances to over 250,000 persons. Many of those visitors come from outside of the state of Arkansas and substantial numbers from various foreign countries.   In 2014 The Witness will return to its traveling roots presenting the story of Jesus Christ in music across the state of Arkansas.

The cast and crew of "The Witness" are all volunteers who serve without pay each giving as a personal ministry to the Lord. They give of their time, talents, energy, and resources to make "The Witness" a rewarding and inspirational experience for you. Everything done by the singers and actors, operators of sound and lights, backstage crew, concession stand workers, ushers, preparers of props and costumes, and those caring for the equipment or animals used in the performances is a gift of love. Each cast and crew member has been recommended by the leadership of his church to participate in the ministry of "The Witness" and all do so with the single desire to serve and to participate in the sharing of the word of Jesus Christ.

Come and share with us the miracle of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Bring those who need to hear the word of the gospel, who need a spiritual renewal, or just need an entertaining night out. "The Witness" is a family experience and strives to provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience for young and old alike. Check the schedule for when the Witness will be presented in a location near you.

Witness Productions Inc. also continues to present "The Witness" as a prison ministry whenever possible, and at Christmas presents a live seasonal show with special performances in central Arkansas areas. In this manner we are privileged to present the message of Jesus Christ to some of those who may be in a critical time of need in their life. Other presentations such as "Homeland" that celebrates the Christian settlement of our nation are scheduled for special events in the area. We would appreciate your prayers that the Holy Spirit will give us the guidance and the means to accomplish His purposes through this ministry.

All receipts for ticket sales, concessions, refreshments, as well as gifts received are used to produce the performances of "The Witness" and to maintain facilities and equipment. If you would like to participate with donations of money, materials, your time or labor to assist in the effort of our ministry, please contact us at the address below, or if you wish to give a donation by credit card to "The Witness" you can do so through our ticket page at:

If you live in the central Arkansas area, and would like to join with us in presenting "The Witness" , drop us a note and we will have someone get in contact with you. Tryouts and practices for singers are held in the Spring of each year but we are in need of other volunteers to fill needs in the cast and crew for tours and the prison ministry all year long. If you would like to help, but feel you can't sing or act, call anyway. We need folks who can help with things such as tickets, setup and takedown, parking, concessions, tech crew, cleanup, and greeting. Everyone has a gift or skill that is valuable to the ministry and the singers and actors could never present the message without a large staff of others that make the performances possible.


We can be reached at:
Witness Productions Inc.
P.O. Box 6434 Hot Springs, AR 71902-6434
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