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"The Witness" is a Christian musical drama of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. See the gospel come to life as the Apostle Peter tells the story of the miraculous events he has witnessed regarding this amazing carpenter called Jesus. You will be uplifted to hear the greatest story ever told presented in a manner that brings the events to life before you.

"The Witness" musical excerpt

"Lullaby" musical excerpt
Hear the story of how the miraculous birth of this peasant child, Jesus of Nazareth came to be. How his mother, had a visitation by an angel who foretold that she would give birth to a king! And how this unbelievable event unfolded.
Enjoy the celebration of the birth and the visit of distinguished visitors, who came when they saw the star in the East that announced His birth.
"Coronation (Kings Entry)"

"Behold the Lamb"
Then came a voice, crying in the wilderness, compelling all to repent and be baptized. When Jesus went to be baptized, he was recognized publicly by God himself who stated through a voice from the heavens, "This is My Son, in whom I am well pleased. "
Witness the ministry of this extraordinary prophet, a ministry that started during a wedding celebration when suddenly it was discovered that there was no more wine! See what amazing things He did just to spare the embarrassment of his host.
"Wedding in Cana"

"Whatever He Says"
See how he performed miracles throughout the countryside. How he came to the aid of a poor widow who's son had died, and how he restored the young man to life right before the eyes of many.
The miracles performed by Jesus Christ are amazing to read about, but think how it must have appeared to those who witnessed the events. Share in the joy that they must have felt at seeing a poor widow's son being raised to life, the blind beggar to be made to see and the crippled to be restored to health.
"Life Giver"

See the triumphant entry into Jerusalem when this Prophet entered town followed by a throng of people praising him, singing and rejoicing. And then see how quickly a cheering crowd can be manipulated into an angry mob.
Experience the last days when Jesus was betrayed by a kiss from a friend and abandoned to face alone the plot of traitors and the fury of mobs. Experience the anguish of his followers who watched helplessly as he was taken from them by their religious and political leaders to be tortured and put to death on a cruel cross.
"Silver and Gold"

"The Victor
Witness yourself the miracle of Jesus's rising victorious over the grave. Share the challenge of the great commission He gave to all of us to continue his work and ministry and the coming of the Holy Spirit to bring the power of God into the lives of His followers.

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